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Spa Rituals:
Ultimate Day At Dunbrody 10am – 4pm   

€375 Midweek €425 Weekend

Start with a Revive Serail steam treatment to awaken all the senses, followed by a Salt Scrub, Choice of Intensive Muscle Release Massage or Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage.  Break for a light Spa Lunch and relaxation and complete your day with the Ultimate Aromatherapy Facial & Manicure or Pedicure. 

Dunbrody Morning Ritual 10am – 1.00pm 

€125 Midweek €150 Weekend

Dunbrody Morning Call Serail, Relaxation, Dunbrody Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage finishing up with a 1 Hour Skin Solutions Facial. 

Just For Her  3 hours        

€175 Midweek €195 Weekend

This package works from the top of the head to the soles of your feet.  Kicking off with Dunbrody Signature Massage tailored to your own preferred pressure. Next is our Intense Aromatherapt Age Repair Facial which delivers visible results instantly leaving the skin feeling plump and firmed.  Finish with a foot scrub with file & polish.

Dunbrody Mother-to-Be 3 hours

€210 Midweek €250 Weekend

Start with the Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage to ease away all your aches and pains, next the Rose Hydrator which gently exfoliates and nourishes the body by layering hydrating & regenerating creams & oils rich in Damask Roase to lift and brighten both skin and spirits. Finish off with Mini Foot Rub, File & Paint and an Ayurvedic Scalp Massage. 

Just for Him 3 hours
€175 Midweek €195 Weekend

Begin with our De-Stress Serail Steam treatment t osoften muscle tissue before our Intensive Muscle Release Massage which works deep into stiff, tight and aching muscles.  Enjoy a Skin Solutions Facial prescribed to your individual needs which includes a relaxing Head Massage.

Just for Two allow 1½ hours

€130 Midweek €150 Weekend 

Dunbrody Rejuvenator Organic Serail Steam for two to share!  Followed by Pressure point foot massage and Intensive Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage each.

Scrub Up for Summer 10am-Noon 

€95 Midweek €125 Weekend

An exotic exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalize the body. Sea Salt Glow deep cleanses, polishes and softens to perfection, while Damask Rose body lotion leaves the skin glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless from the full body moisturising massage. Combined with a Petite Facial and File & Polish, you will be all crubbed up and ready for summer.   


Warm Up for Winter 3 hours   

€195 Midweek €225 Weekend

Start with a Muscle warming and destressing Serail steam treatment to awaken all the senses, followed by the Dunbrody Hot Stone Massage & Sole Delight Foot treatment.